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Where in the world is customer satisfaction the highest?

Last updated August 11, 2015

Across the globe, businesses are striving to improve customer satisfaction ratings. According to the most recent Zendesk Benchmark report, their efforts are paying off—customers around the world are relatively happy. In fact, the global customer satisfaction benchmark number for Q2 in 2015 was 94.94%.

The Zendesk Benchmark report brings together data from all over the world to make it easier for businesses to see who’s raising (or lowering) the bar on customer service. For instance, in Q2 of 2015, a popular industry fell in the CSAT ranks—looking @ you, Social Media—while the Government & Non-Profit industry continued to make customers happy. Some countries, like Chile, fought hard to improve their status while others fell into a CSAT Slump. Explore more findings below to better understand how your customer service performance measures up with your peers.

Which countries provide the best customer service?

The three countries with the highest rates of customer satisfaction are: Belgium, Norway, and New Zealand. In Q1, New Zealand enjoyed the #1 spot but lost 0.6% and fell to #3 in Q2. Congrats goes to Norway, a true upstart here, as it shot up from #9 in Q1 2015 to #2 in Q2.

Along with Norway’s big leap, Turkey, Thailand, and Chile all radically improved customer satisfaction. Chile saw a notable improvement of 3.0%, moving it from the #1 Country in a CSAT Slump to the #3 Most Improved Country. Not all countries improved though—Indonesia, Vietnam, and India are in a CSAT Slump, and Indonesia’s drop of 3.8% was the largest seen in Q2.

In other news, Italy climbed eight spots from #16 to #8 with a 1.9% increase, and Finland rose from #17 to #10 with a 1.8% increase. Turkey’s increase of 3.3% was the largest CSAT improvement this quarter, but it was not enough to rise out of last place in the global ranks for yet another quarter.

Which industries provide the best customer service?

With all of the CSAT improvement across the globe, it’s fitting that this quarter’s most improved industry is Travel. Last quarter, Travel was the #1 industry in a CSAT Slump with a 89.1% CSAT rating. Now, it is #1 most improved industry with a 92.2%. The Marketing & Advertising and Media & Telecommunications industries also saw notable increases. Social media, on the other hand, lost its footing as a CSAT leader and now leads the CSAT Slump rankings, joined by Manufacturing & Computer Hardware and Real Estate.

Government & Non-profit, IT Services & Consultancy, and Healthcare remain the top three CSAT-ranked industries for another quarter. Education dipped slightly in CSAT but not enough to lose its spot at #4. Retail is on the up again with an increase of 0.4%. In last place globally is Entertainment & Gaming, despite a 0.6% increase in Q2.

For the complete country and industry lists for Q2, download the Zendesk Benchmark report