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온라인 커뮤니티로 고객들 간의 대화를 장려하고 브랜드를 위한 공간을 만드세요.

고객의 대화가 이루어지는 곳

Feedback is crucial to understanding customer needs, but the interactions a business has with its customers are only one part of the equation. Customers talk to each other about what works and what doesn’t—on social media, online review sites, and feedback forums. Zendesk fosters customer engagement and strengthens connections on a customized, branded platform.

더욱 무르익는 대화

고급 커뮤니티 관리 기능으로 신규 고객을 안내하고 기존 사용자의 역량을 강화하세요. 지원 팀이 관여하여 돕거나, 커뮤니티 관리자를 임명하여 중재하고 주제와 상관있는 토론이 되도록 하세요. 사용자는 게시물을 정렬하고 팔로우하여 최근 업데이트를 놓치지 않고 계속 챙길 수 있습니다.

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고객을 위한 클럽하우스

A community should be an inviting, useful, and fun place to be. Zendesk community software gives you full control of your community design, so you can make it feel like home. Start by adding a logo and changing the colors, or go further with custom HTML and Javascript.

Insightly 헬프 센터

기고자를 위해 구축

Our community forum software’s intuitive contributor tools keep content fresh and valuable. When a user starts creating a post, Zendesk scans through existing content to show similar posts—making it easy to discover solutions and cut down on duplicate content. To write a post, users can format their posts and comments with a built-in WYSIWYG editor.

기여자 툴

게시물을 티켓으로 에스컬레이션

Unlike standalone community engagement software, Zendesk community software is built right into Zendesk knowledge base software. When responding to a customer’s email in Zendesk's ticketing system, agents can view the customer’s profile and have complete visibility into their community activity. Agents can also transition a community post to a ticket in Zendesk ticketing to continue the conversation.

게시물을 티켓으로 에스컬레이션


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