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This, and other customer service analysis, brought to you by the Zendesk Data Science team.

About the Zendesk Benchmark

When it comes to metrics, one size doesn’t fit all. Whether you’re an education institution supporting students and professors, or a social media app supporting millions of users, context matters.

We started the Zendesk Benchmark in November 2010 to give organizations a way to measure their customer service performance against their peers.

It isn’t a survey or an expert opinion—it’s based on actual customer service and support interactions from more than 50,000 participating organizations across 140 countries. See how your team compares with other organizations in your industry.

Turning mountains into molehills

Every day, the Zendesk family of products handles 4.6 million interactions between companies and their customers. That’s a lot of data to explore. Luckily, our Data Science Team is committed to uncovering patterns and insights for our customers. Here’s where you can start to take action.

Real-time channels tend to yield higher customer satisfaction.

Chat sees the highest customer satisfaction rating at 92%, while Twitter sees the lowest at 77%.

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Customers often use their mobile devices to search and reach out for support.

Companies in the media and telecommunications industry use mobile the most.

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Speed of first reply is one of the biggest influencers on customer satisfaction.

As first reply times fall during business hours, customers tend to be more satisfied with the support they received.

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Data doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to look for. With our library of customer experience resources, you can research what matters to you and learn best practices from over 50,000 organizations.

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