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New iPhone App Features. Less Family Time for 50,000 Users.

Last updated July 27, 2010

When my generation recalls its early childhood memories, many will remember mom busy at home and dad at the office, where his workday promptly ended at 5 p.m. Our kids’ memories will more likely be of us hunched over our iPhone or Blackberry, responding to an endless stream of emails, no matter where we are and what time of day.

App-infused phones have really changed how we communicate, navigate and collaborate. As a result, we spend increasingly more time on our phones, for both business and pleasure. It’s changed how and when we work, and it’s redefined what is work and what is pleasure. And Zendesk is only fueling that evolution.

A few months ago, we released Zendesk for iPhone and the reception (no pun intended) was outright crazy. Almost 50,000 people downloaded the application making it the most widespread mobile customer support tool out there. Field service reps and other customer service reps can now take their help desk with them, without added investments or special projects involved.

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve updated the iPhone app to fully support iOS 4 and multitasking, the retina display on iPhone 4, and the awesomeness of ‘twickets,’ Zendesk support tickets originated from tweets, which we announced on two weeks ago.

Support for twickets means that support agents with the 1.0.2 version of Zendesk for iPhone can manage and respond to support tickets generated from the twittersphere. That includes tweeting, DM’ing back or moving the conversation to email, all within the same app. Subsequent updates by tweets will be appended to the ticket as a threaded conversation.

To all our Zendesk for iPhone app users: thanks for using this tool and making it so popular. Sorry about taking up more of your kids’ time. Read more on the app and get it here.