Increase proactive engagement with Mobile Chat Notifications

Increase proactive engagement with Mobile Chat Notifications

2016년 4월 14일
Increase proactive engagement with Mobile Chat Notifications

[Editor’s note: Zopim is now Zendesk Chat]

In 2015, for the first time ever, visits to retail websites via mobile devices overtook desktop traffic. Let that sink in for a moment.

This means it’s increasingly important for businesses selling their products and services online to offer a mobile-optimized experience. And we’re talking about something more than creating a website that’s responsive (although, responsive design is important too). Businesses need to be able to engage their mobile customers just as they do on desktops.

The reality is that mobile engagement can often be lower. And although Zopim is designed to work flawlessly on mobile, visitors are not always ready to chat on smaller screens. The good news? Today’s Zopim product update aims to help businesses increase mobile engagement.

Introducing Mobile Chat Notifications
Last year we made important improvements to how Zopim works on mobile devices. Chief among them, it became easier for mobile visitors to start a conversation—giving end-users a seamless experience between surfing, shopping, and chatting.

Today our goal is to enable businesses to send targeted marketing (or other) messages to its customers on mobile devices. While it’s always been possible to send proactive messages on mobile, they weren’t obvious to visitors. With this update, businesses can use Triggers to automatically pop up proactive messages to mobile visitors:

Zopim Mobile Chat Notifications
It’s one more option for greater mobile engagement.

Engage customers before they start a chat
Mobile Chat Notifications let you create proactive Triggers to reach customers even before they start a chat. Here are some Trigger examples you can use for your mobile visitors:

  • A greeting for new visitors to your website
  • An offer of help if the customer is stuck on the checkout page
  • A notification telling customers about your iOS or Android apps

To show the proactive message to only mobile visitors use the following condition:

“Visitor platform” condition with the Regex option and using the string “iOS|Android”

Zopim Visitor Platform
With a significant portion of your customers coming from mobile devices, creating proactive Triggers and sending them automated mobile notifications will increase overall engagement for your brand.

Forrester reports
that targeted proactive chat can increase conversion rates, decrease shopping cart abandonment, increase average order value, and positively influences top line revenue. Having the right proactive engagement on mobile is critical for the growth of your business.

If you’re already using the Mobile Overlay Option for the chat widget then you’re all set. Just create a proactive Trigger and your customers will begin seeing your mobile chat notifications.

If you have any questions or feedback about the feature, please reach out to the Zopim support team at or start a chat with us.

This is a blog post about how to use live chat as a channel for customer service and/or sales support. Please visit if you’d like to learn more about Zopim Live Chat by Zendesk, a live chat software tool that is used by tens of thousands of customers worldwide.

How are you engaging your customers on mobile? Share in the comments below.

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