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5 ways to better connect with customers using NPS data

Last updated July 15, 2016

Behind every Net Promoter Score℠ is a customer looking to communicate. In order to get the most out of your data and truly “wow” customers, it’s important to go beyond the score.

1. Scrutinize Your Score

Different combinations of Detractors and Promoters can result in the same scores. It’s important to look past the score at the specific ratio of customers who speak well or ill of your company.

2. Pinpoint Your Heavy Hitters

Although all of your customers are important, not every customer account holds the same weight in your business. For example, is your company built on small business owners, mid-market, enterprise or a combination? Prioritize the scores of customers who affect you the most and move to solve their issues quickly. But don’t forget to also follow up with the other customers in time.

3. Defy the Danger Zone

Be aware of customers who scored you in the 0-3 range—these people are more likely than anyone to churn. Identify which heavy hitting customers fall in the danger zone and then dig deeper to discover their pain points.

4. Play the Listening Game

Most NPS surveys include a follow-up free-form question asking customers to explain their recommendation rating. Engage with your customers’ comments to understand the real reasons behind their frustrations. For example, customers might think product failures are causing their frustrations when something else is to blame. Uncovering the real reasons enables companies to eliminate those pain points. Customer-identified “product failures” are actually opportunities for advising, training, and up-selling customers.

5. Set the stage for more to come

Your audience wants to communicate with you. Keep the conversation going with these four follow-ups:

  • Thank everyone
    Let customers know you appreciate their time and honesty. They took time to give you feedback, it’s nice to acknowledge their effort. A simple “Thanks for your valuable feedback” is a good start.
  • Show your Detractors some love
    Don’t stop at what Detractors are saying, get to the why behind their comments. Then, follow up with key customers in this group to address their concerns.
  • Nudge your Passives
    Look for the biggest difference between the comments from your Passives and your Promoters. Is there anything you can do to nudge them into the Promoter group?
  • Encourage your Promoters
    Invite them to review your organization online and incentivize them to recommend your organization to others. Recommenders are helpful for evangelizing your product to prospective customers.

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