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Chat Tags: a new way to read between the lines of your customer conversations

By Chow Li Ying

Last updated September 21, 2021

Chat is becoming an increasingly popular channel for communication between companies and their customers. To help businesses get the most out of live chat, we’ve been working hard to make using Zopim and Zendesk together an effortless experience. This means providing a seamless integration between your chats, tickets, and other support channels.

Our team has also been working to help you get more out of your chat conversations with customers. These interactions are a treasure trove of actionable data, and our Chat Tags are designed to easily uncover the hidden gems.

Give your chats some context
A world without Chat Tags is a messy one. With the large number of chats that businesses handle every day, conversation topics are easily lost. This means you lose insight into what your customers are talking about and miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable feedback about your business.

Chat Tags are labels you can attach to each chat which can then be used to identify the content of conversations quickly. It’s a great way to keep all your chats and tickets organized.

The most important reason to use Chat Tags
Chat Tags gives you an overall idea of the topics your customers are concerned about through a list of the 10 most popular tags in a week. The clear advantage is in knowing the topics that are predominantly raised by your customers and then acting on that knowledge.

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In the case of an ecommerce business, tagging your chats lets you see when a particular topic is referenced more frequently than others. For example, if the “billing_issues” tag constantly appears in the list of most popular chat tags, then perhaps you should look into improving the payment flow for customers.

Using Chat Tags on Zendesk
If you use both Zopim and Zendesk, Chat Tags will automatically be sent to your Zendesk account upon ticket creation.

Custom reports can then be generated in Zendesk Insights to understand your customers’ pain points in depth. Wonder which tags are most popular amongst your customers or when a particular tag is most used? By establishing a tagging system, you’ll be able to observe trends that will provide insight into your support operation.

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For example, if you have five major tags specified (billing_issues, shipping, retail, happy_customer, bug), it’s possible to identify the number of chats with each tag through Zendesk Insights. This lets you see which customer issues keep popping up.

Alternatively, by tagging conversations by customer type (e.g., if customers are new or existing), you’ll see when chats are predominantly initiated by new customers and when existing customers need your help most. Similarly, you can see how customer satisfaction for these two customer segments changes over time and correlate it to factors like response or wait times.

It’s important to listen to what your customers are trying to say. Chat Tags make your company a better listener.

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