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WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin

Shorten resolution times with a WordPress knowledge base plugin

Creating a loyal community within your blog tops your 'to-do' list. As such, you need to have the tools to respond to questions or problems in a timely manner. Zendesk Guide helps you do just that.

Better information

First and foremost, you want for your customers to have access to a rich knowledge base. However, making them feel like the experience is seamless ranks up there, too. With Zendesk Guide's WordPress knowledge base plugin you can do just that. Visitors to your site enjoy a wealth of insight with no indication they've ever left your site.

알고 계셨나요?

Zendesk Guide for WordPress provides:
  • Support requests assigned directly to agents directly in WordPress
  • Comments converted directly into tickets in a single click
  • Single log on - customers use your blog credentials
  • Optional tabs for pages let users search your knowledge base
To recap, the WordPress knowledge base plugin is a customer service channel that creates loyal, long-term customers by reducing the need for support and improving customer satisfaction.

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Get more details on Guide, the smart knowledge base from Zendesk, and see how we're meeting the needs of our fast moving society with a rich knowledge base that benefits blog subscribers and agents alike. Request your free trial today.

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