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Knowledge Management as a Service

Knowledge management as a service

Managing knowledge to improve productivity, profit, and customer satisfaction

If you know one thing about your customer service agents it's that they are a veritable treasure trove of knowledge. And as they are on the front lines of your battle to provide faster, better service, their knowledge grows by the day. The management of those knowledge assets impacts not only productivity and profit, but could affect agent and customer satisfaction. You need a system to compile all of that information, one that is easily accessible for future use. You need Zendesk Guide.

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Tapping into that institutional knowledge is easier than ever with Zendesk Guide, the only knowledge base solution native to Zendesk. Guide makes it quick and easy to build a customizable help center. customer portal, and online community to improve the self-service feature for customers and efficiency for agents.

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Guide proves to be the very definition of knowledge base with:
  • Evolving content - automatically measure and score the effectiveness and popularity of content to see what works and what needs to be altered
  • Faster self-service - deliver relevant information and answers, automatically
  • Artificial intelligence - automatically resolve frequent tickets with relevant article suggestions
Guide makes it easy to tap into your agent knowledge base, making it possible to create content, link articles to tickets, and flag content for improvements. As a result, the customer enjoys an overall improved experience.

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Learn more about knowledge management as a service. Enroll in a free trial of Guide to see how Zendesk builds software for better customer relations.

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