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It’s been said that knowledge is power. If that’s the case, then your agents must be all-powerful. When tapped into, their depth of knowledge could increase efficiency, save time, and improve the customer experience. They’re really pretty amazing. Zendesk Guide helps to harness all of that power.

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As the only knowledge center software native to Zendesk, Guide is a smart knowledge base helps tap into institutional knowledge, putting it to work. Guide allows businesses to quickly build a customizable help center, online community, and customer portal for an improved self-service experience for customers and faster resolutions and improved efficiency for agents.

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Guide helps to improve the customer experience with:
  • Content that constantly evolves – content popularity is measured and scored so that users know what works and what needs work
  • Faster self-service – automatically deliver relevant answers and information
  • Artificial intelligence – automatically resolve high frequency tickets with relevant article suggestions using the Guide Answer Bot

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Guide makes tapping into the treasure trove of agent knowledge easier than ever. Discover more about how easy it is for Guide users to create content, link articles to tickets, and flag content for improvement. Launch your free trial today.

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