Mobile Customer Engagement

Mobile customer engagement

Reading the palms of the mobile customer

Understanding the thought process of an individual is hard enough. Add in hundreds or even thousands of users engaging on online websites or mobile apps and the task becomes nearly impossible, even for a mind reader. Marketing teams need powerful insights to form a strategy for new and existing customers.

Zendesk Connect allows you to catch your customers at just the right moment to engage in the most productive conversations.

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Connect makes it easy to design in-product message campaigns to fit the context, or email campaigns to re-engage customers. Slicing and dicing audiences based on specific actions, behaviors and attributes allows your marketing team to engage customers in meaningful ways.

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Stay connected with Zendesk and enjoy:
  • Easy onboarding - keeping customers excited with tips and recommendations
  • Notifications - inform customers on new features, styles and products
  • Upselling - nudge customers with new offers related to past interests
  • Nurturing - extend relationships through engagement
  • Mitigation - warn customers about issues or updates
Furthermore, this proactive approach to providing help to customers on the front end saves valuable time that might otherwise be spent on support requests. How's that for a win?!

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Outbound is now a member of the Zendesk family. We're working together to make mobile customer engagement better with proactive messaging.

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