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Best Open Source Knowledge Base

Best open source knowledge base

The benefits of a knowledge base that's not built from the source code up

While it's true that the best open source knowledge base software solution is "free", building and maintaining the software comes at a cost, often a high one. With Zendesk Guide, the smart knowledge base that lets you capture and leverage company know-how, we provide you with dynamic support. You wouldn't build a car from scratch, why would you trust that your valuable company information was properly curated, cataloged, and searchable without the help of experts?

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As an intuitive, web-based knowledge sharing platform, Guide allows users to create and leverage company know-how so that customers are able to resolve issues and get answers to questions, often without contacting an agent. And they can assured that the information they receive is up-to-date as Guide uses Wiki-type tools to allow managers and those with specific permission to edit existing content and create new content.

Reaping the benefits

Guide, the hosted knowledge base from Zendesk, includes specific features, such as:
  • Customization services
  • Multilingual support
  • Metrics and reporting
  • Access to customer success and technical support
  • Enterprise level security

The right fit for your business

Thanks to Zendesk's versatility, knowledge bases can be branded or customized to look as if they're built from scratch while offering users a far better experience. And thanks to its open API, Zendesk's customer success and technical platform provides the flexibility to integrate with other software applications.

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Find out how you can make your institutional knowledge easy to search. Start your free trial of Guide today.

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