Simple Issue Tracker

Interactive platforms to solve problems more quickly

Managing tough customer problems and creating new solutions takes time, trial-and-error, and a lot of collaboration. What does it all amount to? Often a twisting breadcrumb trail of tickets, sticky notes, and confusing team correspondence on all manner of channels.

Simple issue trackers, like Zendesk Support, make that trail clear so you and your team can provide better customer support and create smarter products. This type of software offers an interactive platform that tracks the evolution of a problem, who worked on it, what was done, and how it was ultimately fixed.

Engage your customers

Your team can collaborate in real-time on an issue or bug by commenting on a team member's post or attaching helpful documents, and management can see which issues are recurring or proving to be particularly challenging. Top solutions like Zendesk's issue tracking software incorporate live multi-channel issue tracking across platforms like email, chat, and phone so your team can stay on the ticket no matter what. It also offers advanced analytics and in-depth reporting on useful benchmarks such as how quickly your agents resolved your tickets and the change in a ticket from open to close.

Have a product in development? Simple issue trackers allow your team to keep up-to-date tabs on any bugs so that you can streamline your releases to customers.

What to look for

The best simple issue trackers offer:

  • A clear workflow so your team can see who worked on the ticket, what they did, any attached supporting documents, and comments for suggestions.
  • Live updates on your project delivered to your inbox or mobile device
  • An ability to group tickets with live queues making in-the-moment collaboration more efficient and effective
  • Integration with source code, project management, and team collaboration platforms like Beanstalk, Slack, and Bitbucket.
  • A searchable database of all of your tickets and projects

다음 단계

Simple issue trackers allow your team to track the status of their work, allowing each user to update the project progress in real-time. You can manage bugs more effectively with the bundling capacity of simple issue trackers, which not only allow your team to see whether a bug is active or resolved, but also to batch its releases so the client is not overwhelmed.

Intrigued? Zendesk Support offers free trials, which is a great way to figure out which platform works for your needs.