Online Help Documentation Software

Online help documentation software

Don't Let em' Leave Without the Right Help

Customers shouldn’t have to do their own detective work when it comes to technical issues. And, support shouldn’t be banished to the basement of customer experience.

Online help software with Zendesk Support helps embed support where your customers are – across all channels, devices, and environments. Reduce the manual effort required to get help and create great customer service as an integral part of the product.

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Zendesk Support and Embeddables reduce unnecessary back and forth by serving the right content at the right time in the right place. This combination of seamless customer service and a streamlined workflow makes support more efficient. Zendesk Embeddables automatically generates information about what device or version of the app was being used when the issue occurred. This puts you ahead of the curve and helps you quickly get to the root of support inquiries.

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Don't let em' leave:
  • Help at your fingertips - Instead of forcing customers to hunt around or leave your website for help, the Web Widget is right there when they need it
  • Optimized for mobile - Provide a simple user experience to complement mobile browsing, online help, and accessing the knowledge base.
  • It speaks your language - Embeddables present the right language and content according to end user browser settings
  • The best of Zendesk - Serve any combination of a basic contact form, knowledge base search, or Zendesk Chat

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Free your mind and rest will follow. Take online help documentation software for a quick spin.

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