Shopify live chat: A better shopping experience

What is Shopify live chat?

Shopify live chat, or Shopify chat support, allows companies that use Shopify ecommerce software to provide customers with live chat and messaging support. This live chat feature enables companies to be more proactive in the e-commerce customer service process, including helping shoppers before they abandon their shopping carts or exit your website.

Power of personalized Shopify chat

Whether it’s through digital ads, loyalty programs, or nurture emails, online retailers spend a significant portion of their budget bringing people to their online stores. Once a website visitor arrives, though, they often lack guidance or a streamlined path to purchase that they would get in a brick and mortar store.

Shopify live chat software gives your team the power to be proactive in the e-commerce space, providing direct support to customers within your online store. So customers experience that level of personal support they’ve come to expect from brick and mortar stores, but from the comfort of their own home (and in their favorite bunny slippers).

Customer benefits

Shopify live chat software is a powerful addition for customer service because it allows your team to answer questions in real-time. Widget integrations let shoppers continue browsing while they chat. And even though they’re online, customers experience a real conversation. Unlike email, customers can ask follow-up questions, get answers immediately, and really feel heard.

Retailer benefits

By proactively chatting with customers on your site, your team can provide potential purchasers with the support and guidance they need to follow through. The live chat app allows chat agents to be proactive, offering support when shoppers appear stuck or may have questions about a product. More purchases. Less abandoned shopping carts. Win-win.

And when it comes to your business’ bottom line, Shopify live chat is less expensive than customer service options by phone. Live chat software is also more efficient than phone or email, as agents can work on multiple chats at once, saving their time and maximizing your resources.

An example of how live chat can be used for Shopify live chat via Zendesk.

How Zendesk enhances Shopify chat

With Zendesk’s live chat software, your business can offer Shopify live chat to online customers, making the e-commerce customer experience both seamless and more efficient. To make it even easier for your team, all customer interactions and contextual data live in one place, so chat agents can begin a conversation in chat and then move to a customers’ preferred channel—all from the one centralized portal.

Zendesk also enables your business to expand your reach triggers, an AI feature in Zendesk live chat that notifies support agents when a customer is going to leave the site or abandon their shopping cart. When it comes to sales, your team is set up for success to solve customer problems before it's too late.

For those businesses who already use (and love) Shopify, bring your e-commerce customer service skills to the next level with Shopify live chat.