Team up on self-service with Team Publishing

The key to a great self-service experience for your customers is having great content. In order to build that content, you need 1) people to produce it, and 2) a process that ensures the right material is being published.

For larger or scaling teams, this means getting your whole team involved to lighten the load. The Team Publishing functionality within our Zendesk Guide Enterprise plan makes it easy for large teams to establish this process, collaborate on content, and manage knowledge internally, externally, and across multiple brands.

This white paper will describe how to set everyone up for success, namely by:

  • Establishing a review and publishing process, which includes rethinking what an “article” means and writing articles in your customers’ own language.
  • Tapping into agent expertise and build article writing into their workflows.
  • Turning around articles quickly.

Learn more about how Zendesk can help you kickstart your own content process with Team Publishing, among other great features, in our new Guide Enterprise product.

About the white paper author, Benjamin Keyser
After learning that art school was not the auspicious economic springboard he once imagined, Benjamin started a career in technology answering customer support questions. After a few years, he became a support engineer but realized he was probably better at design and communication than actual programming, and so became a reporter for a technology blog. In the ensuing years, Benjamin gradually moved into product design and product management, where he's been working to make the world a better place for customer support agents and content writers (among others) ever since. Benjamin heads up the product team for Zendesk Guide. Find him on LinkedIn.

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