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Four key principles for evolving the employee experience

While many companies are looking ahead to reenvision how physical offices will function, remote work is here to stay. Here's how to evolve your employees’ experience in the ever-changing next normal.

Published August 25, 2020
Last updated November 2, 2022

A year ago, most of us could have confidently defined workplace. But now the only sure thing is uncertainty. While many companies are hard at work in reenvisioning how physical offices will function, remote work is here to stay. According to recent Gartner research, 48 percent of employees will work remotely after the pandemic, compared to 30 percent pre-pandemic.

Everyone is trying to figure out what the employee experience looks like when work from home is such a significant facet of the next normal. Resilience and agility are definitely more important than ever. For HR leaders, identifying and prepping for a shift in operations and strategic goals is mission critical. When HR leaders respond efficiently, they can have a major role in framing the employee experience at their companies as industry standard.

Four major guideposts will help HR leaders actively evolve their companies’ employee experience in the ever-changing—and highly remote—next normal:

  • Drive productivity through access to knowledge
  • Cultivate cross-team collaboration
  • Overcommunicate — and find new communication channels
  • Automate essential workflows