AI chatbot

What is an AI chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that can have a conversation through text or audibly. A really good AI chatbot can simulate how a human being would behave during a conversation and are best used for practical purposes including customer service or information requests. That's where Zendesk Guide Answer Bot comes in.

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Becoming aware of user needs is the benchmark for determining how intelligent a chatbot is and how the chatbot handles scenarios of conversation with ease. A chatbot is also a great way to focus on promoting personalized experiences for a business.

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The Zendesk Guide Answer Bot gives agents a helping hand, reduces their workload, and frees them up to focus on problems that require a human touch through:
  • Automatically resolves low-touch and high-frequency tickets by suggesting relevant articles to customers while they wait for an agent
  • Learning from each customer interaction and training itself to deliver more relevant and customized content with each solved ticket
  • Engaging users and improving brand image

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Give customers the most relevant information and answers automatically for a faster self-service experience. Try a free trial of Zendesk Guide today and see how your help center can be better with AI chatbots.

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