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Customer Feedback Software

Customer feedback software

Gather feedback from every support channel to measure, analyze, and improve your company’s customer satisfaction with customer feedback software and management tools.

For companies that want to empower their customers and the way they utilize feedback, Zendesk provides the management tools they need.

Hear from customers everywhere

Customer feedback software enables support agents to interact with online customers on active support channels – emails, phone calls, chats, and social media comments are all gathered together. By pooling feedback and user suggestions into a central location, agents are able to work together within a single software solution. Feedback can be measured to see which channels are the most popular and which need to be optimized to meet your company goals.

Speedy results

Responses from customers and agents appear in real-time with customer feedback software. Agents can ensure that raised support tickets are dealt within an acceptable goal range with service level agreements (SLAs) and automatic notifications. Outstanding tickets show all of the users who have worked on it, including a live view of active responses or reviews.

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Customer surveys, analytics for agents’ performances, and overall customer satisfaction (CSAT) rates are compiled through customer feedback software. Agents can review the data to improve processes that align with company goals, like when volume spikes occur to prepare for busy service times or which support channels are the most efficient for interacting with customers.

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Survey your customers and improve feedback management by integrating customer feedback software with a variety of outside applications and systems. Support teams can simplify how feedback is accounted for within e-commerce sites, CRM databases, email campaigns, and popular chat and collaboration tools. Help agents reach their potential by integrating online productivity enhancers and time-tracking tools to give them insight on their performance and progress.

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