Customer follow up software

A customer follow up system that provides the ultimate in customer care​

As a business, your priority should be having a clear picture of your relationship with small businesses at all touch points. That includes acquisition, first contact, sales funnel, conversion, ongoing sales and marketing, up-sell, and of course follow ups. This is where Zendesk comes in.

The inside scoop on customer follow up software

These systems are also known as customer relationship management or CRM systems. Companies use this software to provide the ultimate in customer service by ensuring that users on support and sales teams have all possible information about every customer.

The goal of CRM software is to centralize all management of information and resources to provide it to system users (agents) at the point of the customer relationship.

Did you know?

Zendesk includes customer follow up software for integration with CRM systems. Companies deploy Zendesk, then connect to their CRM software through integration. Upper management gets better sales and marketing results, business users get strong communication tools and customers get relationships that are more meaningful, personal and productive. Everyone wins.​

A timely solution

With the Zendesk powerful customer follow up software, you will enjoy these dynamic features:

  • Companies create a CRM database with an entire history so that users have a full view of all the work that has been done with the customer over time
  • Effortless management of a sales and marketing experience tailored to each customer
  • Monitoring tools allow management a detailed view of customer satisfaction and insight into the entire sales and marketing process

Next steps

When it comes to dynamic customer service, having the right tools is a must. Try a free trial of Zendesk software today.