Here, there, and everywhere

Here, there, and everywhere

With Answer Bot in every channel, your team and customers benefit from AI-powered self-service—wherever they need it.

Instant answers

Answer Bot works right alongside your support team to answer incoming customer questions right away. On email and web form, for example, Answer Bot will instantly reply with any available, relevant articles letting customers get the answers they need without any wait time.

Here, there, and everywhere

Be there every step of the way

Answer Bot for Web Widget can help your customers in real time as they scroll throughout your website, or anywhere you embed the widget, giving them the information they need on the spot. If they need more help, they can easily get it via contact form, live chat, or callback request.

In-app, in motion

Answer Bot’s Mobile SDK integrates into any mobile app and answers customer questions inside the app—without disrupting their experience. If customers decide to escalate to an agent, you can automatically capture important information—such as the device or operating system—so you don’t miss a beat. Learn more about our Android and iOS SDKs.

Knowledge is power

Answer Bot can quickly provide internal teams the knowledge they need to do their jobs better. On the Zendesk Support interface, Answer Bot suggests relevant articles via the Knowledge Capture App. And for teams beyond support, Answer Bot for Slack can respond to enquiries in-context—so your teams can spend more time doing what they do best.

Anywhere you need it to be

Use Answer Bot’s API to extend AI-powered self-service to any channel. With options like easily marking questions as solved, tracking when customers have viewed articles, and indicating when articles suggested aren’t helpful, our flexible APIs allow you to bring Answer Bot into your custom experiences in a way that makes the most sense for your business and your customers.

Answer Bot for Slack has been a game changer for our internal Sales and Customer Success teams. The ability to ask a question in Slack and have a detailed answer directly from our Help Centre within seconds is amazing.

Jack Harrison-Sherlock, Support Operations


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  • Support, right where they need it

    Zendesk Embeddables allows developers to embed Zendesk functionality—such as Answer Bot—on Web Widget and Mobile SDKs for both Android and iOS.

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