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Community Management Software

Community management software

Management software for community discussions

Much like when you're dodging balls in a game, customers come at you from all angles. Some of them look for answers on their own, others ask questions, and some need to be proactively engaged. That's where Zendesk Guide comes in.

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Guide's community management software helps to improve communications between businesses and their customers. Zendesk Guide promotes customer engagement, strengthening connections and building lasting relationships. Guide empowers users with advanced community management features that let your team members offer help, or appoint community managers for discussion moderation. Sorting and following posts is easy and keeps users informed on the latest updates.

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Community, part of Guide, offers:
  • Full control of your community design - make it your own by changing the colors, adding a logo, or customizing HTML and JavaScript
  • Provide fresh and valuable content - automatic scans of existing content make it easy to discover solutions, cutting down on duplications
  • Visibility into a customer's community activity
Community is an effective forum for many-to-many communication, making it ideal for customers seeking assistance from other users. The opinions and anecdotes offered in a community platform draw customers in and keep them coming back for more.

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Learn more about the community management software offered by Zendesk. Launch your free trial of Guide today and experience a greater level of customer satisfaction.

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