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A happy customer is a perfect one. A happy help desk agent is a perfect help desk agent. Customer service happens when everyone gets what they need. Frustration happens when needs aren't met. Help desk software built specifically for customer support – for today's world – equates to happy is as happy does.

Help your agents

What if your customer support agents could see where your customers have been to try and help themselves before they contacted you? What if their tickets were automatically routed to the right team? And better yet: What if your customers could freely communicate from any channel?

These are the questions Zendesk Support answered before they created software. Customer support that is connected to the knowledge base, software that enables collaboration, and a help desk that creates happy people.

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Support is free to try. Zendesk Support is a beautifully simple system for tracking, prioritizing and solving customer support tickets:
  • Put all your customer information in one place. Everything lives in a single location
  • Communication between you and your customers is efficient, relevant, and personal
  • Configure any workflow, from the simplest to the most complex, extend your agent’s help desk with hundreds of available apps, or design customizations with our API
  • Better understand and predict customer satisfaction, measure performance, and uncover actionable insights across your data

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