Easy Taxi uses Zendesk to build relationships with their drivers

In this customer video, learn why Easy Taxi, Latin America's largest urban mobility application, uses Zendesk Support to build strong relationships with their drivers.

"Zendesk is a company that walks the talk."

- Dennis Wang

Co-CEO, Co-founder at Easy Taxi

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Easy Taxi is Latin America’s largest urban mobility application, which works with both private drivers and traditional taxi cabs. The company focuses on providing a great and consistent rider experience by building strong relationships with their drivers through Zendesk Support.

“Zendesk believes that relationships are key to the business, and I think that’s what we feel from the partnership we have with Zendesk,” said Dennis Wang, co-founder and co-CEO.

The company’s growth has been exponential. Within three years of its founding, Easy Taxi was selected by Google and Apple as one of the top apps of 2014. By 2016, Easy Taxi was serving drivers, riders, and businesses in more than 420 cities across 30 countries.

Working with such large amounts of data made Easy Taxi a great candidate for working with Zendesk Support’s Satisfaction Prediction feature, predictive analytics that signal the likelihood of high or low customer satisfaction before the agent interaction begins. “We’re quite excited about the results we’re getting so far,” Wang said.