Shopware 5 Event Sync by Knots

Access and integrate data from Shopware 5 to enhance your tickets automatically

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Shopware 5 Event Sync by Knots

The Shopware 5 Event Sync app, developed by Knots, empowers support agents with the ability to fetch and leverage Shopware 5 data directly within Zendesk tickets. No need to transition between platforms as you deliver superior support aided by real-time visibility into your Shopware 5 data.

Key Features of Shopware 5 Event Sync for Zendesk:

  1. Retrieve Shopware 5 Data: Access customer details, order information, and product data from Shopware 5 without leaving Zendesk. Retrieve and display essential information within Zendesk tickets to provide informed support.
  2. Real-Time Sync: Enjoy real-time synchronization between Shopware 5 and Zendesk. Ensure the latest information is always available to your support agents, such as order status or customer data, which are automatically reflected within Zendesk.
  3. Ticket Automation: Automate ticket creation or updates based on Shopware 5 data. Streamline your support process by automatically generating or updating Zendesk tickets when specific conditions are met, saving time and improving efficiency.
  4. Order Tracking and Updates: Keep track of order status and provide accurate information to customers. Support agents can retrieve real-time order information, tracking numbers, and shipment details directly within Zendesk, allowing for quick and precise responses.

How Lookup Data Sync Works

  1. A new incoming customer support ticket via Email or any other channel like chat, social media, or ticket form is created in Zendesk.
  2. Knots middleware immediately fetches additional information from your Shopware 5 system via API.
  3. You can extract any value from the JSON data retrieved. The information needed is stored inside Zendesk in ticket fields.
  4. Based on this data, you can prioritize, route the ticket or trigger any other automation. With placeholders, the info can also be added to macros.

It works best if combined with the Ticket Parser to extract IDs in first place, e.g. Order-ID or Customer-ID.

App inquiries

Contact us if you have any questions, comments, or feature requests regarding this app.

About Knots

Knots offers you ready-to-go event-driven automation modules for Zendesk like

  • Ticket parser via Regular Expressions
  • NLP Ticket classification for contact reasons
  • OCR text recognition from PDFs
  • Webhook based telephony integration
  • GDPR anonymization by keeping reporting data
  • Send ticket data to backend systems with an authentication layer e.g. OAuth2
  • Retrieve data from backend systems via API and store
  • etc.


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