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Automatically triage and respond to tickets in 109 languages, 24/7

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Ultimate is the customer support automation platform you won’t outgrow. Built for CX, powered by AI. Leveraging the latest conversational and generative AI technology, our Triage & Response Automation solution empowers brands to

  • Provide instant, 24/7 customer resolutions in 109 languages
  • Maximize productivity and minimize effort for support teams
  • Scale support capacity without scaling costs

What makes Ultimate different from other bot and automation providers?

Our seamless integration with Zendesk allows you to:

  • Retain all of your conversation data in Zendesk, not a third-party app

- Route and enrich Zendesk tickets

  • Create smart escalations to human agents
  • Measure your bot's performance in Zendesk

We support custom integrations with your existing tech stack to:

  • Capture unique inputs like order numbers and tracking IDs to personalise each interaction
  • Provide your customers with real-time information from your data warehouse
  • Process API calls to enable end-to-end automation for workflows like returns and exchanges

With 6+ years of industry expertise:

  • We’re innovators in the field of support automation and constantly work to bring you the latest advances in conversational and generative AI technology
  • Global brands like Zendesk, DeepL, Finnair, and TransferGo trust our AI-powered solution
  • We take security seriously — we’re proud to be GDPR and SOC2 type-2 compliant

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