Automate your Zendesk Chat & Support with the most powerful virtual agent platform. Faster resolutions, better workflows & happier customers at a lower cost. In 109 languages. is the most powerful virtual agent platform. We help leading brands deliver amazing customer experiences through a one-click integration with Zendesk Chat & Support that’s trusted by Zendesk itself.

Integrated into your Zendesk, Ultimate helps agents work faster and smarter, not harder, by providing them with AI tools that manage their workflows. For businesses, this means dramatically lower costs with improved customer experience. For agents, we improve job satisfaction and provide freedom to focus on what really matters: the customer. Most importantly, your data is safe with us: we're GDPR and SOC 2 type 2 compliant.

Support teams get a no-code application, where they can design and edit conversational workflows in any language and easily connect them to their contact center to be deployed across all digital channels.

With Ultimate, brands get an automation partner that’s in it for the long run. Our all-star team works hand-in-hand with every client throughout their automation journey.

Interested to know more? Check out our deep integration with Zendesk.

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