Spectre is a simple yet customizable Help Center theme to fit most brands including effortless integration of your brand elements such as logos, color palettes, and typefaces. Add your branding and the theme will automatically highlight posts, recent activity and community interaction.
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Spectre, a lightweight Zendesk theme, is the perfect balance between simplicity and customization potential. Ideal for most brands, it allows effortless integration of your specific brand elements, including logos, color schemes, and typefaces, enhancing customization and promoting brand recognition.

Spectre accommodates products or brands and offers a variety of settings beyond the default colors, fonts, and branding. The settings include header links, homepage and community headlines, search results formatting, and tailored modifications on the homepage and community main page. Simply introduce your logo, banner image, and color scheme to get started. One of the standout features of Spectre is its automatic highlighting of posts, recent activity, and community interaction. This enables users to stay informed with the latest updates and stirs dynamic community collaboration.

The Spectre theme is free to use with the Standard license. We also provide effective and friendly support in addition to regular theme updates to incorporate new features. Explore the seamless flow of information with SpectreFlow's Spectre template.


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