Cool Wear

Cool Wear has a simple customizable and intuitive user experience design.
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Introducing our brand new professional Cool Wear theme!

It’s simple and professional and has easy access to support on all pages, including cool features such as notification banners, customizable sidebar, and category icons. Made with e-commerce in mind, however, the only limit is your own imagination.

Core features

Notification banners

With the notification banner feature, you can inform your users of extraordinary situations, as they arrive at the Help Center, whether that be prolonged delivery times or scenarios affecting your business.

Cookie banner

Consent and privacy are more important than ever - especially for online businesses. With the Cool Wear theme, you can simply ask for your visitors’ consent right away in the Help Center.

An extensively customizable sidebar

You can make this theme sidebar fit your exact desire. You can customize the menus, different options on how the sidebar is displayed depending on the site, what elements to display, such as menus, search fields, popular articles, email addresses, buttons, etc. The sidebar can also be fixed, so it follows the user when they scroll.

Theme Global Social Media icons

Like many other businesses, you’re most likely active on various social media platforms. You can now link to these in the Help Center. Currently supporting Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. It’s also an option to opt out of SoMe icons.

Categories with icons

Choose the icon that fits the category. If you have a category about delivery, put on a package or a car. If you have a category about Llamas, just add a Llama icon.

Other features:

  • Add extra menu items in the footer
  • Extra help section where you can link directly to Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM & Zendesk contact form
  • Customizable homepage hero section
  • The theme looks great!
  • Responsive webdesign

Minimize friction with a professionally designed Guide Theme!

A well-designed Guide Theme can significantly improve ticket deflection and allow more time for agents to focus on more complicated tickets or proactive customer service.

All our themes are responsive, which means they’ll look great on all devices, and they’re based on our best practice experiences.

Obs. The theme is only available for Standard purchase and currently doesn’t support RTL languages.


We want to make sure you’re fully satisfied and just as pleased with this Guide theme as we are. If you have any feature requests for future themes, just head over to our community and let us know.

Made by - Zendesk Master Partner

This app is made by We’re a 360º Zendesk consulting house and the leading Zendesk Master Partner in Europe.

We’re experts in customer experience and Zendesk. And besides creating apps and themes for Zendesk Marketplace, we also help companies implement and optimize Zendesk.


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