Morado has a simple customizable and intuitive user experience design.
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Features include: Fully Responsive - looks great on all screen sizes and on any device. Versatile and Multipurpose - perfect for any business or organization. Color Highlights - provide a pleasing aesthetic without overwhelming users. Neat and Clean - makes finding information simple for users.

About the theme Morado is a fully responsive multipurpose Zendesk® Guide Help Center Theme (templates).

Theme Editions Standard Edition: USD 35 (one time cost with access to free upgrades to future versions -- minors and patches). The source code is not available in this edition. You will be able to change all important settings via admin UI. Developer Edition: USD 89 (one time cost with access to free upgrades to future versions -- minors and patches). The full source code is available via 'Edit Code' button in theme customization area. You will be able to change all important settings via admin UI.

Purchase Includes Theme License: Morado Theme License for One (1) Zendesk Help Center or Brand. Support: Ninety (90) days via email ( Theme Features This theme is very adminable (configurable) from theme admin settings UI.

This theme exposes the following settings in the theme customization admin area:

Colors (brand color, brand text color, background color, text color, link colors, header/footer background/text colors) Fonts (select from a list of font families Zendesk Theming provides). You can use custom web fonts (Google Font, or your own) in Developer Edition because you need to have code access to use custom fonts. Search Field Placeholder text Show/Hide Custom Blocks -- a set of icons on the homepage that can be used to link with anything (article, category, section, a page on your website, any page on internet) Manage Custom Block settings (change icon, change title, change link URL, use Dynamic Content for multiple language support, etc.) Change icon (image or font-awesome), text, links of Custom Blocks Show/Hide Categories on the homepage (learn about blocks); Category blocks are a set of icons which are generated from the list of categories in the Guide. If your help center has only one category, then all sections are listed as icons on the homepage. You will need a Developer Edition License to associate icon to be shown on the homepage for each category, or section (in case of single category help center). Toggle Minimal/Full Header and Footer. The Standard Edition only allows Minimal Header and Footer. You need to get Developer Edition to use full header/footer, and customize/change placeholder links with your own. Set/Unset social media links Show/Hide author meta on article pages Show/Hide sidebar Show/Hide Follow button in section or article pages and more. Multiple Lanuage support -- all relevant settings are localizable via Dynamic Content It is recommend that you purchase Developer Edition so you have access to complete code, and you can do custmization by changing CSS/HTML/JavaScript wherever needed. That said, the Standard Edition provides all important settings, and if you just want to get started it's good enough.

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