Birkirkara, Malta | 28 프로젝트 | 2 자격증
We create highly customisable Virtual Agents that offer your customers a service so seamless, that it is indistinguishable from the experience of interacting with your human resources.

EBO’s goal is to automate customer engagement and deliver service-excellence with AI that is not only at par with, but outstrips that received from humans. We seek to automate 50% of your inbound processes within 20 weeks from going live.

We’ve developed, through machine learning, one of the most advanced Virtual Agent models in the world which seamlessly integrates with ZenDesk. At the same time, we’ve worked with large enterprise to understand their challenges and tailor our products to a range of business requirements.

We focus on 4 verticals: FInancial Services (Banking, Insurance, PSP, Forex), Healthcare, iGaming and Telco. We are reliable, credible, smart and gain your respect by meeting your goals, consistently.

We know that businesses have lots of problems, but they also have lots to work with. We work closely with clients to integrate with what they’ve got - making use of their existing systems, processes, data and customer knowledge to improve customer interactions.

EBO enables seamless end to end journeys that deliver better onboarding, retention and re-engagement.

Our vision is a world where customers and businesses connect more naturally and effectively.

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System Integrator
North America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
파트너 유형
Implementation Partner

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