Massively is a leader in AI-powered chatbot solutions for Zendesk. Answering questions quickly and accurately is just the beginning. Our chatbots automate tasks, triage customers, populate tickets and seamlessly hand over to agents when required. Massively’s focus on Smart Chatbots plus Real People to create conversations that delight is what sets us apart.

Our advanced patented platform combines optimal conversational design with powerful natural language processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to create chatbots that start smart and get better over time. Our platform can leverage your Zendesk Knowledge Base to answer questions and help your customers self serve.

We bring together world-class engineers, conversational design experts, bright creative minds and seasoned business leaders to ensure you get the right mix of skills working to build your solution.

제공 서비스
System Integrator
CX Consultant
North America
Western Europe
파트너 유형
Implementation Partner
Solution Provider
Business Service Provider

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