A Customer Experience focused advisory and solutions company helping customers digitally transform and engage with their customers to build trust, loyalty, and customers for life.

About the Company:

Blink CX is a customer experience solutions company that provides CX advisory services and implements CX technology platforms that digitally transforms the way businesses engage their existing and target customers – in return helps them build lasting customer trust and loyalty.

Blink CX (Thinkblink Inc.) was incorporated in 2018 and is the 3rd company of the Centric Group – the leading provider of true end-to-end digital transformational initiatives in the region. Its expertise ranges from IT infrastructure and security, enterprise business applications, artificial intelligence, marketing, and experience management.

We are trusted by the top companies and institutions spread across the manufacturing, logistics, financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, and broadcast network verticals.

Blink CX’s vision is for companies to have delightful relationships with their customers using digital channels they prefer at a scale. We believe that a carefully designed and executed CX practice is the key differentiator that will help companies adapt with the overwhelming customer expectations.

To support your visions and goals for your customers, we offer advisory services from UI / UX Study to CX Program Design, and deploy intelligent and interactive solutions around customer data platform, customer engagement solutions, and experience management – all complimented using our IP mobile and platform developments, powered by artificial intelligence and analytics.

The age of customer experience is now! Make CX your competitive advantage to keep your customers for life.

제공 서비스
Development Services
System Integrator
CX Consultant
Zendesk Sell Certified
India/Southern Asia
파트너 유형
Implementation Partner

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