Trilogi - The eCommerce Agency with offices in Barcelona, Hong Kong, and Shanghai is a leader company in the implementation and optimization of Zendesk by assisting you in improving your Customer Experience. Strategy, Marketing, Customer Experience and online stores. 20 years and 600 projects endorse us.

As the number one agency for eCommerce in Spain, we have grown by sharing all our expertise and assisting more than 600 global B2C / B2B and Multi-Channel businesses through tailor-made solutions, specific growth strategies, creative designs and advanced technology and integrations. We only have one goal: That our clients sell more. Some of the clients who have trusted us are: SEAT, Munich, Volkswagen, Herman Miller, Martiderm, MediaMarkt, eseOese, Granini, and many more...

Services that we offer:

  • Consulting and eCommerce strategy: Open up your business to new horizons
  • eCommerce and technology: Launch, migration and improvements to make your e-shop high-performing
  • CX: Enhance your Customer Experience with Zendesk. We assist you with: Integration & Implementation, Data Migration, Personalization and Trainings
  • CRO & UX: Boost your business in the best way
  • Traffic acquisition: Maximize your traffic acquisition strategy
  • Online Investment: Optimize the effectiveness of your investment
  • Creativity and design: Improve the results of your eCommerce
  • Marketing: Convert visitors into loyal customers

Tell us about your project. We will be happy to build the next success story with you!

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Data Migration
Design/Guide Theming
System Integrator
Western Europe
Eastern Asia
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Referral Partner

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