Real-time automated support query tagging and categorisation. Report trends, contact reasons, and sentiment by topic. Power multiple workflow automations directly in Zendesk.

SentiSum is an automated ticket tagging engine powered by natural language processing technology.

We've built an easy-to-use, yet powerful, customer support insight dashboard. You can easily do root cause analytics and stay on top of 'reason for contact' trends.

SentiSum tags can auto-fill form fields directly in Zendesk. From there, you can implement additional automation that save agent time and improve customer outcomes.

Use Cases

  • Surface actionable insight at scale for effective customer-centric decision-making.

  • Report 'reason for contacts' in minutes each week.

  • Understand topic and sentiment drivers of customer reviews and survey results in minutes.

  • Turn negative customer reviews or social media comments into support tickets to be handled in real-time.

  • Give agents back time to focus on customer service by automating time-consuming workflows like tagging, reporting, routing and prioritization.

Contact Channels

Voice, email, chat, social media, CSAT, NPS—we cover all bases.

Custom AI

Every company has a unique context, so for tags to be accurate and granular, every SentiSum customer receives a bespoke AI custom built to their requirement.

All the customisation work is done on our side by our data analytics and AI teams. Implementation is still seamless and fast thanks to our proprietary training technology.

Free trial

We believe that winning and keeping customers is done by building technology that is genuinely useful and impactful.

With that in mind, we offer a 30 day free trial unlike any other. We'll build you a custom engine and let you see it work on 12 months of your historical conversations—that way you can prove it adds value to your business before committing to working with us.

From then on, all contracts are done on a monthly rolling basis.

Learn more about our trial here.

Product demo

To set up a demo with our team, please book a time slot on our calendar here.

Alternatively, if you'd like to learn more, you can watch a short video of our product in action here.

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