Boost your business and the relevance of your marketing with Custobar. Custobar is the most scalable and visual customer data and marketing automation platform for retail and any B2C.

With Custobar, you can reveal and reach the customer behind the data. Our visual and intuitive tools let you segment your customers in just minutes based on their data in both online and physical stores.

Customer service and in-store staff can easily see who your customers are with Custobar’s Customer 360° view. It gives a view to the customer’s full journey, including Zendesk Support tickets.

When to choose Custobar?

  • When your customer data is scattered in many places, and you're unable to fully use it in marketing. Custobar’s Zendesk integration makes it easy to combine your customer service data with all other customer data.
  • When you want to create marketing campaigns or automations based on data, and make them more relevant to your customers and more profitable for your business.

When you're looking to create multi-channel campaigns or marketing automations by email, SMS, push, banners, post, Google Ads or social media.

  • When you want to use your own customer data to target marketing instead of relying fully on audiences provided by 3rd party marketing apps and cookies.
  • When you want to clearly see how much money your campaigns are bringing in and how they are performing, both online, app and brick-and-mortar.
  • When you are looking for a future-proof solutions with great API’s and possibility to integrate to your other systems.
  • And last but not least, when you want to do all of this with an easy-to-use, extremely scalable and most affordable tool on the market.

Custobar is extremely scalable and used by companies from small to multi-million dollar businesses, who want to take the most out of their own customer data and take their marketing to a new level. Our customers include The Body Shop, Hesburger, Bauhof, Tackenberg, Ströh and Suomalainen Kirjakauppa.

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