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We can set up Zendesk the right way. Quickly. And we can start as early as tomorrow.

The Workforce Pro Inc is now CX Collective.

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Zendesk does so many things but it can be difficult to make it work for you, your employees and your customers. That is, until CX Collective implements Zendesk in a customer and employee-centric way by focusing your needs with Zendesk’s capabilities. We’re mostly made up of former CX leaders, so we know what you expect and need most.

Simply but profoundly put, we make Zendesk tell a story for you. If you’re looking for a highly technical implementation, we can refer you to a trusted partner. But if you're looking for an implementation that will scale when your team doubles or triples in size, that’s what we do. And that’s what we do best.

How do we implement Zendesk? We start each implementation with a process evaluation to understand, not only how you’d like to use Zendesk but to also advise you on which channels to open based on your headcount and growth plans. The numbers always tell a story and we make sure that your configuration allows us to use data properly.

Along the way, we capture the training requirements needed for your team and put together an e-learning course for your customer-facing specialists. Administrators will receive documentation for maintenance or you can engage us for small tasks. However, CX Collective will only do small tasks on the implementations and reformations we perform.

Visit us at to get started.

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