ALVAREZ IS COMMITTED TO INTEGRITY AND PERFORMANCE Alvarez LLC is dedicated to servicing the needs of the Federal Government by delivering costeffective technology solutions and consistent, superior performance through our prime contracts, including our Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) NASA SEWP V and NITAAC CIOCIS, as well as DHS FirstSource II. Our company builds long-term relationships with our Partners and our customers on trust and unrivaled service. We are committed to living up to our legacy of integrity – one customer mission at a time.

BUILT ON A SOLID FOUNDATION OF SERVICE AND QUALITY Headquartered in the national capital region, Alvarez was founded in 2004 by the Honorable Everett Alvarez, Jr., USN Cmdr. (ret.). A Service-DisabledVveteran-Owned Small Business (SDVO/ SB), Alvarez is built on a foundation of the company’s ideals: performance, commitment, and integrity. We work hard to hire and retain employees and associates who possess the highest levels of procurement knowledge, while holding themselves personally accountable for maintaining professionalism, integrity, and a desire for continuous personal and professional growth. Our people are personally empowered to help our government customers achieve their missioncritical goals by delivering the best IT solutions available on the market today.

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