mindStart is an entrepreneurial-minded firm helping emerging companies excel at customer support. We exist to provide exceptional customer experiences for our clients’ enterprises through direct interactions that foster trust, loyalty, and engagement for their brand.

mindStart’s philosophy is to provide unique and tailored customer service solutions to our clients. Our number one goal as a company is to win the customer’s heart by providing a delightful customer service experience through every agent engagement.

We stand out in the industry because of our consultative approach. We strive to gain an early understanding of client’s objectives and provide tailored solutions to help achieve our clients’ business needs. Our service solution is designed to evolve over time with the ever-changing and adapting market of consumer products. As our clients’ objectives advance, we keep on the cutting edge of customer service through best in class software and consulting services.

We offer a personalized approach to customer service that encompasses the entire value system of our clients when interacting with their customers. This allows us to provide a relational experience with the end user, thus building brand loyalty and heightening the customer experience from start to finish. We absolutely strive to meet SLAs, QA standards and the corresponding metrics, while shouldering a huge amount of responsibility in providing a top notch, personalized experience to the customer.

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Business Service Provider

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