Since 1998 we enable brands to get the most out of their customer engagement strategies with our Marketing Cloud and our professional services. Our market-leading platform enables marketers to collect in a unique view and analyse customers’ actions (performed in any digital and off-line touchpoint); segment, plan and automate digital direct marketing campaigns; and deliver personalised communication through a multi-channel messaging solution, to build a one-to-one relationship with customers. Our professionals with more than 20 years of experience get the most from companies’ already-in-use-technology by conducting assessment analysis, building data-driven customer engagement programs and campaigns in full outsourcing that transform projects in success stories.

Contactlab provides the leading engagement marketing platform for commerce-focused companies to develop successfully digital communication programs that enable personalized marketing to unlock demand and build lasting customer relationship. We enable brands to achieve a deeper understanding of customers, to deliver uniquely relevant messages at every touchpoint of the customer journey and to measure performances with real-time dashboards that display all the relevant data. We can do this because of the experience of our navigated professionals and our enterprise-grade platform, which is built with the highest security level, reliability, management, scalability. Our solutions enable brands to gain insights into the context of each customer and deepen the retail experience by delivering highly individualized digital contact plans across channels based on events, preferences and product lifecycle. Today, we work with more than 1000 clients in different industries across the world and serve most of the world-class brands in the Luxury and Fashion sectors.

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