ModSquad, Inc.

Sacramento, United States
ModSquad is a global provider of on-demand digital engagement services, known as ModSourcing: outsourcing, modernized. ModSquad offers expert-level service in customer support, moderation, social, and community. We’ve strategized, designed, and delivered digital initiatives for clients in more than 70 countries, with the capacity to respond in 50+ languages and dialects, 24/7/365. We are the Mods!


ModSquad provides the outsourced customer support you need to enhance your omnichannel service operations. Today’s customers share experiences on websites, blogs, and social networking sites. They may sing your praises from the digital rooftops or incite a virtual mob. From phone, email, and CRM ticketing, to live chat, social media, and forums – we’ve got you covered. Our experienced professionals serve as a seamless extension of your brand.

24/7/365 Operations. ModSquad agents are available when you need them. We do not have a minimum demand, and we are flexible enough to meet your holiday or peak season requirements.

CRM Implementation. ModSquad will assist you in establishing an omnichannel help desk from implementation to integration of chat, phone, and social support.

ModSquad is proud to be a Zendesk Partner. We assist from configuration through expansion, and are always on call to assist you with all of your ongoing customer experience requirements. Each and every day ModSquad supports clients:

  • 50+ languages
  • 70+ countries
  • 300,000+ tickets
  • 10,000,000 posts

And consider this: Zendesk is a recognized industry leader in customer support, helping 50,000 companies worldwide support their client base. But who supports Zendesk’s client base? ModSquad. If Zendesk relies on ModSquad, shouldn’t you?


Badge: Advanced Solution Partner
제공 서비스
Data Migration
Development Services
Design/Guide Theming
North America
India/Southern Asia
Eastern Asia
Latin & South America
파트너 유형
Implementation Partner
Solution Provider
Referral Partner
Business Service Provider

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