Bimyou is now called Centribal. Find us in the partner directory! Master Partner of Zendesk. Your company of reference in the configuration and support of the Zendesk platform. We are Zendesk developers, understanding your needs and developing customized solutions.

We integrate all your communication channels in a single customer service platform, from a single platform, you will be able to efficiently and easily manage all the communications that your customers make with your brand.

We provide advice and strategic tools to perform the best customer management and achieve a better interaction.

We are also application developers for Zendesk, understanding your needs and developing customized solutions.


A través de nuestro conocimiento en customer experience buscamos la mejor solución para optimizar la experiencia cliente.

Integramos cualquier canal de mensajería instantánea (WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram o Messenger) a tu atención al cliente online en una única plataforma centralizada, mejorando la satisfacción y experiencia del usuario.

Buscamos las mejores opciones adaptadas a tu negocio para optimizar los procesos de atención y conversación con clientes, así como su tratamiento interno para mejorar sus intereacciones.


Badge: Premier Solution Partner
제공 서비스
Development Services
Western Europe
North America
Latin & South America
파트너 유형
Business Service Provider
App Developer

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