BombBomb is a video email platform that makes it easy to record, send, and track video messages directly within Zendesk. By replacing some of your plain, typed-out text with a smiling face, some personality, and even a screen recording, Customer Success teams are building trust and relationship, resolving issues more quickly, and delivering an experience that improves client satisfaction.

Customer Success teams are constantly striving to provide a better customer experience - to get the tone right, to reach resolution quickly, and to create successful and satisfied users.

While most Customer Success teams rely exclusively on plain text emails, phone calls, and maybe a few canned videos to relay their most important messages,

BombBomb gets your team face to face with your customers to get the tone right, communicate more clearly and directly, and build relationships with customers. Seamlessly layer one-to-one and pre-recorded videos, screen recordings, and video macros into your processes to reduce resolution time and increase customer satisfaction.

Screen recording allows team members to switch between themselves, their screens, and both themselves and their screens on the fly so customers can follow along better than ever - and have detailed, natural language, show-and-tell instruction they can refer back to again and again.

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