The Phrase Localization Platform is a leading translation management system, offering a comprehensive set of connected translation tools that’s intuitive to use and simple to integrate.

We’re transforming language tech with our future-facing AI technology, giving people the content they need, in the language they speak.

Whether it’s for digital products like an app or website, marketing campaigns, legal literature, internal communication, or customer service messaging, Phrase ensures that content always hits its mark by being on-brand, consistent, and culturally resonant.

This allows global businesses to form meaningful connections with millions of people, wherever they are. We help organizations like Uber, Shopify, Volkswagen and thousands of others engage their customers at scale to accelerate growth.

Why Phrase? Phrase is an intuitive, AI-driven localization platform enabling you to create, translate, assess, and manage your content at incredible speed and scale.

Collaboration and oversight A centralized hub provides visibility, management and translation of all international content from one intuitive environment. This fosters collaboration, alignment, and accountability across global organizations.

Future-facing AI and Machine Translation The Phrase platform is AI-infused, enabling automation of tasks where necessary, and freeing up teams for more strategic work, which improves overall productivity. Additionally, our advanced Machine Translation (MT) solution integrates deeply with the leading MT engines. It selects the best engine for each task based on project context, considering language pair and content type.

Reliable and secure We are the most comprehensive localization platform on the market, built on a secure infrastructure with ISO 27001 accreditation. We provide 24hr support teams, are proud to provide zero downtime, and ensure that you own your own translation and AI learning data.

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