Engage customers with one-click video calls

SnapCall is the first video call solution for Zendesk Chat, Messaging & Sunshine Conversations, enabling Voice, Video & Screen Sharing inside the chat with the customer. Now you can video or voice call directly inside the conversation widget without finding out phone numbers or going to a third-party app.

  • Calls are fully digital; no phone number or additional equipment is required.
  • No need to install anything: SnapCall is embedded in Zendesk.
  • Calls are free for customers worldwide.

Use Cases:

  • Live shopping

Video calls have transformed the digital shopping experience, breaking the bridge between physical presence and online shopping. Demonstrate the product and answer customer questions in LIVE mode, increasing sales conversion.

  • Online Sales

Online Sales rely on an exceptional customer experience. However, providing such an experience online has been difficult due to the extended customer journey. SnapCall provides a shortcut - sales teams can interact with potential customers via video as quickly as necessary and convert customers faster.

  • Qualified support

Customer-centricity has been at the forefront of the most successful companies in the world. With the video, voice calls, and screen sharing features, you will reduce the time for the ticket resolution, acquire the competitive advantage, and increase the Net Promoter Score.

  • VIP service

While using SnapCall, teams have complete control of who and when is provided with the possibility to get on an audio or video call and enable screen sharing. Turn those functions into a service available only to a particular segment of customers, for example, for your VIP customers.

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