Text Refiner

Fix your stylistic and grammar issues, and adjust tone with one click

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Text Refiner corrects grammar and stylistic errors while also adjusting the tone for Support responses.

Once installed, the app adds a convenient "Refine" button to the text editor. When composing a response, the support specialist can click on the "Refine" button to automatically correct any errors. They can then review the changes and copy the refined text to update their response.

The text is refined using the latest OpenAI language model. The model is trained on a large corpus of text from the internet. It is capable of correcting grammar and stylistic errors, as well as adjusting the tone of the text.

Text Refiner is built by the OptimisticLines team. We craft online services tailored to real-world needs. We believe in building solutions that help people. Our focus is on simplicity, functionality, and making the digital world more accessible for everyone.

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