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Communicate with your colleagues within Zendesk.

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Agent Chat is an internal communication app that promotes seamless collaboration while empowering your team to deliver exceptional support to your customers.


Here are some of the features you can enjoy with our app:

  • No Login: Enjoy the app without the need for account creation — streamline agent collaboration for increased productivity.
  • Group Creation: Assemble agent groups and invite others to group chats, encouraging effective communication and teamwork.
  • File Attachment: Supplement your messages with file attachments for a more comprehensive exchange of information.
  • GIFs: Break the monotony and bring in some fun — agents can send gifs to each other, making internal communications engaging.
  • Ticket Referencing: Reference tickets in your messages for more contextual and informed discussions.
  • Message Notifications: Stay updated with new message alerts within Zendesk — never miss out on important information.

Why Agent Chat?

Monthly updates - We are dedicated to improving your experience. That's why we roll out monthly updates, enhancing features and addressing any issues reported by our valued users.

Privacy is paramount — we don’t store your customers’ Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

No setup hassles — Agent Chat is a ready-to-use solution with a quick 2-min installation & full Zendesk integration.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions to make improvements and fix any bugs. Contact our dedicated Agent Chat team and be part of shaping the future of seamless collaboration.

Agent Chat - Changelog (August 2023)

Resolved issue: Profile pictures are now displayed correctly in the pop-up modal when initiating a new conversation with another agent. Resolved issue: Users can now seamlessly view new messages beyond the 50-message limit. New feature: Introducing loading animations for lengthy processes to provide improved user feedback. New feature: Implemented drag-and-drop functionality (visual response coming soon). Resolved issue: Notifications are now functioning as expected. Resolved issue: Addressed a bug related to uploading large files. New feature: Added the sender's Agent Name to each received message. Visual Enhancement: Refreshed the UI appearance of buttons within group conversations.

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Agent Chat
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