Jumpstart discovery and investigations in Everlaw with Zendesk data ingestion.

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Everlaw helps legal teams navigate the increasingly complex ediscovery landscape to chart a straighter path to the truth. Everlaw’s cloud-based discovery and investigations platform unlocks the collaborative power of litigation and investigative teams, so they can make sense out of growing data sets quickly and intuitively.

Everlaw provides a streamlined way to ingest data directly from Zendesk and other popular enterprise applications and data sources. With Everlaw, key context, such as individuals on a Zendesk ticket, historical actions, and any attachments, are compiled so users have all the information they need.

By keeping these components together, Everlaw preserves the meaning and context around the data for review teams. In addition, all Zendesk tickets and their attachments are automatically processed so they are instantaneously ready for search, review, redactions or production in Everlaw.

Everlaw’s Zendesk Cloud Connector allows you to:

  • Secure your data by ingesting Zendesk data straight from the source and directly into an encrypted platform backed by the highest security and compliance standards, including FedRAMP authorization, SOC 2 Type 2 certification, and more.
  • Avoid the costs of overcollection and accidental production by targeting your collections to just the data you need from Zendesk and other leading cloud apps.
  • Accelerate your review of Zendesk tickets with meaningful context around the data, designed to make it easy for review teams to find important details. Key ticket information is kept together, containing things like conversations, historical actions on tickets, attachments, and even navigable links between tickets.

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