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EZO CMMS offers instant access to your assets and their maintenance details from within Zendesk. Leverage the only maintenance management solution that gives you complete visibility across your asset and inventory landscape – including purchasing, reservations, assignment, auditing and maintenance schedules. Try it free for 15 days!

EZO CMMS’ Zendesk integration provides best-in-class work management experience and boosts agent efficiency by consolidating your assets in a single space. Automate incident management, troubleshoot faster, gain actionable insights, and improve reliability with EZO CMMS alerts in Zendesk.

The systems interact seamlessly with each other, offering agents unprecedented levels of control and context when working on incidents. Access all your assets from EZO CMMS and link them with individuals and tickets within Zendesk.

Our integration with Zendesk enables you to:

  • Search for assets, view asset information, and trigger tickets based on events such as overdue items and upcoming work in Zendesk

  • Create Zendesk tickets straight from the asset details page in EZO CMMS

  • Flag and quickly identify assets for maintenance, track an asset’s incident history, and identify and replace malfunctioning devices to proactively reduce ticket volume

Here are some common scenarios where EZO CMMS’ Zendesk integration streamlines work management and communications:

  • A technician requests repairs for a broken laptop and reserves a loaner during the service. EZO CMMS manages asset-related details while Zendesk manages the ticket workflow. Alerts are generated at the expected date of check-ins, checkouts and overdue reservations.

  • A staff user in the field requires help troubleshooting a power drill and submits a ticket. From within Zendesk, the agent immediately sees which drill is associated with the technician who submitted the ticket and follows up with specific details about the machine

  • An engineering company pulls a report in EZO CMMS showing all of the Zendesk tickets associated with their equipment, identifies malfunctioning items, and submits return merchandise authorizations before the warranties expire, reducing the volume of service tickets.

Use EZO CMMS’ powerful maintenance tracking ability to track custody, location, and upkeep of all your assets. Streamline your work management workflows while strengthening both security and accountability with a comprehensive cloud maintenance management platform.

Reach out to us at support@ezo.io.

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