Replace manual supervision of your CS agents with Automated Supervisor.

Preview image of app Automated Supervisor

Hypergrowth companies such as Bonami, Twisto,, EXPANDO global, Sanasport and many others are using Automated Supervisor to monitor 100% of their customer communications and to identify issues leading to customer & revenue losses. Automated Supervisor is an AI-powered tool for Customer Support & QA Leaders, which automates quality supervision of all written customer communications.

By using you can:

  • Save 25%-50% of your CS & QA Leaders and Supervisors time.
  • Compare qualities of your agents within a minute based on real-time data from 100% of their conversations.
  • Replace manual reviewing and improving (feed-back) of your customer support agents by the automated AI solution.
  • Get a quality comparison of all your multi-language agents. monitors issues such as:

  • Missing CTA (Call-To-Action, e.g. not link added to the product, no solution provided, etc.)
  • Negative tone, Vulgar words, Arguing, Spelling mistakes, Company Code mistakes
  • Not answering all the customer questions
  • Solving a customer request incorrectly is powered by highly advanced AI technology using similar algorithms like ChatGPT from OpenAI. It helps Customer Service and Quality Assurance teams increase Customer Satisfaction and improve metrics such as Agent Quality Score, NPS, CSAT, etc. brings real value to all companies heavily interacting with their customers in a written form (answering 100+ customer emails/chats per day & having 10+ agents).

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